My Ph.D. and Postdoctoral studies focused on various computational themes within the realm of Evolutionary Biology. It was pretty cool. Here is a Full Academic CV. I'm working on getting the Papers part of the webpage to have links/pdfs on the off chance people want those. In the meantime, you may find my Google Scholar profile useful in tracking down my papers.

Data Scientist

I've also moved into working with tools like Machine Learning, NLP, and Spark to take down the big scary Big Data monster. You can check out my posts to see how well or not that's going. I've been pretty good about putting any related code on my related Github page.

Just a Person

I like to bicycle, rock climb, and take pictures with my DSLR. You can check out my nature and macrophotography pictures on Instagram if you're into that kind of thing! Finally, if you see me on the Pinellas Trail you should definitely wave.

Weirdly enough, also enjoys wind-powered water-craft

One of the things that is fun about being down in Florida again and being close to family is that I can bogart my dad's small sail-boats or wind-surfer and dink around at Fred Howard Park . It regularly has sustained wind in the 10-15 Mph zone (enough to want to use a harness if windsurfing), so having it more or less next door is rad.